Martin DaleyHello and welcome to my website, I hope you like it!

Browsing through it, you can find out more about me, my inspirations and more importantly of course, my books.

By hovering over the Fiction or Non Fiction tabs you can see each book listed - simply click on the appropriate selection to find out more about the book and read a review or feature. There are also details of where you can purchase the books.

I try to update the News page as regularly as possible. This is where I tell you about my writing progress (if any!), what other authors currently have me gripped, and where I list upcoming publications and events. You can also follow my occasional ramblings on my blog page.

As my home city of Carlisle features heavily in most of my work, there is even a page dedicated to it too. If you would like to get in touch, feel free to contact me by email.

I hope you enjoy the site and can find what you want. Thanks for visiting.

Last updated: 22 July 2019

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